Saturday, 24 August, 2019

Astronauts SpaceWalk in Planet’s Revolution on the outside of ISS

Suit issue ends first all-women spacewalk NASA cancels first all-women spacewalk due to lack of small spacesuits - The Jakarta Post
Sandy Nunez | 29 March, 2019, 22:01

That enthusiasm was curbed, however, when NASA said that nope, sorry, it was calling off that whole all-female spacewalk thing.

This was supposed to be a history-making week for NASA, with the first all-female spacewalk originally planned to take place on Friday. "Because only one medium-size torso can be made ready by Friday, March 29, Koch will wear it", the NASA said, adding that she will be joined by NASA astronaut Nick Hague.

A third spacewalk scheduled for April 8 is tentatively set for McClain and Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques.

Interesting Michigan connection, one of the female astronauts is Christina Koch, a Michigan native, she was born in Grand Rapids and raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Koch and Hague will continue the battery-swapping work that McClain and Hague began last Friday outside the space station. Brandi Dean of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, explained that while NASA does its "best to anticipate the spacesuit size that each astronaut will need ... individuals' sizing needs may change when they are on orbit, in response to the changes living in microgravity can bring about in a body". For the second spacewalk, NASA was planning to have McClain wear the larger size so that her slightly smaller counterpart could wear the medium. Well NASA had to cancel it due to "spacesuit availability".

Bigelow Aerospace habitat
NASA Scrapped The Historic All-Women Spacewalk

But although there are two M-sized suits on the ISS, only one of them is suitable for a spacewalk.

Lets face it, it's pretty embarrassing for Nasa, who say the suits are available in size medium, large and extra large.

"Based [on] her experience in the first spacewalk in the series, McClain determined that the medium was a better fit for her in space", Schierholz said. The other suits, which are considered backups, can't be pulled out and used immediately, and they must be prepped for use in space. Evidently, NASA only carries sizes for men.

The suit doesn't fit - seriously?!

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