Friday, 23 August, 2019

Turn off your lights for "Earth Hour"

View of Cape Town and the harbour at sunrise Earth Hour 2019: Why You Should Turn Your Lights Off, and When to Do It
Sandy Nunez | 30 March, 2019, 17:54

Earth Hour 2019 will be observed on saturday from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM local time.

Earth Hour does not claim that the event is an energy or carbon reduction exercise - it is a symbolic action to encourage individuals, businesses and governments around the world to take accountability for their ecological footprint and engage in dialogue and resource exchange that provides real solutions to our environmental challenges.

Sydney Opera House, Egypt's Great Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Brazil's Christ the Redeemer monument and the Empire State Building in NY are among the sites worldwide where the lights will be switched off.

The action came after the United Nations warned last year that humanity has 12 years to prevent global temperatures from rising 1.5C above pre-industrial levels and avoid extreme and destructive weather events such as flooding and droughts from becoming the new normal.

The theme for this year is "Change the Way We Live".

Earth Hour is a global call for the protection of the planet and for people to take a stand against climate change.

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Dedicate one hour to the Earth on Earth Hour and users around the world share stories online with hashtag #Connect2Earth.

"Oman has a unique natural diversity, from our mountains and valleys to our attractive coastline, and we really need to do whatever we can to preserve and nurture it", added the spokesperson.

However, she said the average person can lessen their impact on the environment by consuming less: "Buy (and throw away) less stuff".

She urged the public to demand better and more affordable alternatives to petrol and diesel cars, such as public transport links and safe lanes for bicycles.

Organised each year by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the Earth Hour was started in 2007 as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia.