Monday, 22 July, 2019

Apple Slashes HomePod Price

HomePod Apple cuts price of HomePod in U.S. and other countries
Cecil Davis | 07 April, 2019, 19:07

Late previous year, it was estimated that HomePod had a six percent slice of the smart speaker market and had sold well over a million units in the months after launch.

The refurbished HomePod models will arrive repackaged in a new Apple Certified Refurbished retail box alongside HomePod set-up documentation. Its advanced algorithms dynamically and continuously analyse the music you play, tuning the low frequencies and automatically adapting the acoustics. The company dropped the price of HomePod by up to 18 percent, depending on the regions. Even with its $50 price drop today, it still remains one of the most expensive smart speakers.

Now, Apple is quietly cutting the price of HomePod.

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Around the world, Apple has dropped the price of the HomePod online and in stores, with HomePod in the United Kingdom now on sale for £279, down from £319. Usually, Apple products keep their price far too long into the product cycle. And with AirPlay 2, you can stream music and other audio content from any AirPlay-supported apps. While Apple's smart speak has received rave reviews for its sound quality, other aspects of the device have been found to be lacking.

Some reports are also pointing out that the price cut, hints that the company is looking to launch the next version of its smart speaker and thus is trying to move inventory. Add to that the wide range of third-party speakers that incorporate Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, and it's clear that HomePod and Siri are fighting a losing battle right now. Still if you've been on the fence about the HomePod then this might be the push you need.