Monday, 17 June, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ Fox News Town Hall Breaks Records

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders hold a substantial lead over their Democrat competitors for the 2020 presidential nomination according to a poll released Monday Poll Bernie Sanders Leading in 2020 Democrat Presidential Primaries GETTYSEAN MORAN15 Apr 2019
Deanna Wagner | 17 April, 2019, 13:11

The wait for Sanders' tax returns lasted well over a month following his promise in a CNN town hall in February that they would be coming "soon".

"I want to ask the audience a question, if you could raise your hand here", moderator Bret Baier said, addressing the crowd assembled in Bethlehem, Pa., to see Sanders speak. At a campaign stop in Gary, Indiana, a reporter asked Sanders whether his millionaire status was at odds with his populist economic message.

"We pay for what we're proposing, unlike the President of the United States", he said, adding later: "In terms of Medicare for All, we are paying for that by eliminating as I said before, deductibles and premiums". Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Monday night.

Sanders leads the crowded Democratic field in fundraising.

"When you wrote the book and made the money, isn't that the definition of capitalism and the American dream?" According to his Senate financial disclosure, he received $1.7 million in book royalties in 2016 and 2017, including $1.3 million in advances from the publisher MacMillian, Burlington Free Press shared.

Sanders a year ago made $110 in music royalties, presumably for his 1987 folk album, "We Shall Overcome", and an additional $1,810 from his 1997 memoir, "Outsider in the House", which was published by Verso.

Asked why he didn't voluntarily give the government more in taxes since he's pushing for a wealth tax, Sanders said, "Pfft ... come on ..."

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Sanders, who has a loyal base from his 2016 run in the Democratic presidential primaries, has trailed in polls only to former Vice President Joe Biden, who isn't in the contest yet.

The effective rates and income both represent substantial increases from 2014, which was the a year ago of tax returns publicly released by the candidate, when he earned $205,617 and paid a 13.4% effective rate.

Nor is there any suggestion that Sanders would moderate his anti-plutocratic politics to benefit him personally. By 2018, his wife, 69, was also taking Social Security, providing the couple with almost $52,000 for the year. "Hey, President Trump. My wife and I just released 10 years".

"These tax returns show that our family has been fortunate".

Sanders and his wife disclosed $36,300 in charitable contributions in 2017, but their return does not detail each individual contribution.

"If anyone thinks I should apologize for writing a best-selling book, I'm sorry, I'm not going to do it", he said. Clinton, by contrast, released 8 years worth of complete returns.

Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir brushed off those suggestions, telling CNN the candidate's personal wealth had "zero impact" on his policies. So far he has been (as usual) a little prickly about his money, saying "I didn't know it was a crime to write a good book".