Monday, 17 June, 2019

CDC: U.S. measles outbreak grows to highest level in 25 years

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during a news conference in Brooklyn N.Y New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during a news conference in Brooklyn N.Y
Gustavo Carr | 17 April, 2019, 13:08

But directors at United did not comply, and on Monday, after the number of measles cases rose another 15 percent, it became the first center to be shuttered by health authorities since the state of emergency was ordered.

There have been 329 confirmed cases of the measles, a highly contagious disease, in NY since October, and 44 new cases since the emergency declaration last week.

Although the disease could be prevented if 95 per cent of the population were immunised, the World Health Organization reported that global coverage for the first dose of the two-step vaccination has stalled at 85 per cent for several years.

Other states reporting measles cases this year include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas and Washington. The state reported only one case past year, which was imported from Georgia.

"Over recent months, spikes in case numbers also have occurred in countries with high overall vaccination coverage", including the United States, Israel, Thailand, and Tunisia, the statement said.

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The in the midst of its second-worst measles outbreak since the disease was declared eliminated in 2000 due in large part to the MMR vaccine. Per ABC News, the plaintiffs in the suit to stop that from happening are alleging that "there is insufficient evidence of a measles epidemic or unsafe outbreak" to justify the order (despite at least 285 reported cases in the city this year) and called it "arbitrary and capricious".

The latest statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding global measles cases are out, and they show a worrying trend. "Should we wait for hundreds more people to also fall ill?" The country is facing its larges measles outbreak in history.

All told, there are now 20 states where outbreaks have been confirmed, bringing the case total to 555 cases as of April 11, the CDC reports.

While WHO has identified the junk science behind anti-vax propaganda as a public health threat, the data highlighted that measles still hits hardest in unstable countries with weak health systems. The only year where there were more cases was in 2014 when there were 667 reported cases over the entire year.

"Our recommendation in public health is to get vaccinated, vaccines are safe and they are effective", said Christ. The closing, which is the first for this outbreak, came less than a week after Mayor Bill De Blasio issued an emergency declaration that mandates measles vaccines for all children in four Brooklyn ZIP codes. It has not mutated to become more infectious or more unsafe. And the European Union is tallying about a thousand cases a month.