Monday, 17 June, 2019

Climate Change Protestor Defends Shutting Down London

Demonstrators during a Extinction Rebellion protest in Parliament Square in London Demonstrators during a Extinction Rebellion protest in Parliament Square in London
Deanna Wagner | 16 April, 2019, 11:57

Environmental consultant Dr Andrew Boswell, former Norfolk county councillor, joined activists at Marble Arch and said any inconvenience people experienced as a result of the two week protest was insignificant in comparison to the "catastrophic impact" of climate change.

The group is demanding the government declare a climate and ecological emergency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 and create a citizens assembly of members of the public to lead on decisions to address climate change.

As well as bringing traffic to a standstill at Marble Arch, Parliament Square, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge, protestors armed with banners "swarmed" rush hour traffic to prevent vehicles moving for seven minute intervals. Some activists also glued themselves to windows.

CNN noted, "Extinction Rebellion, which launched late past year with climate protests that shut down five London bridges, made headlines earlier this month when members of the group disrupted a Brexit debate in Parliament with a nude demonstration".

On Monday morning, a group of demonstrators with trees, plants and solar panels in tow barricaded Waterloo Bridge, one of five locations being targeted by environmental campaigners in the city as part of the protest.

The protest had a festive atmosphere, with many families in attendance, and a low police presence.

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US President Donald Trump has suggested "perhaps flying water tankers" to extinguish the fire. "Must act quickly!" he wrote. A city hall spokesman said that the area was being cleared, while the fire department said a major operation was under way.

'No arrests have been made in connection with the protest'. "In the majority world, indigenous communities are now on the brink of extinction".

London's police have advised people travelling around London in the coming days to allow extra time for their journey in the event of road closures and general disruption.

The demonstration, which XR describes as non-violent civil disobedience, comes on the back of similar action in November that saw thousands of protesters occupy five bridges in central London.

"In London, people are willing to be arrested and to stay".

"We need to disrupt the system that through no fault of its own, is geared to destroy our planet", the group said. "We're just going to get bigger and more annoying until the government speaks to us".