Monday, 16 September, 2019

Crowds Gather on Khartoum Streets After President Toppled by Military

African Union criticises military takeover in Sudan SUDAN: Military topples, arrests President al-Bashir
Deanna Wagner | 13 April, 2019, 00:25

The state news agency SUNA said ibn Ouf planned to meet with political factions and leaders of the protest movement later Friday and that he was holding off with announcing the full makeup of the military council pending the consultations.

The Sudanese Professionals Association, which has spearheaded the four months of demonstrations against al-Bashir, said the "coup leaders. are not eligible to bring change", and repeated demands for the "immediate handover of power to a civilian transitional government". "Because it didn't fulfill all missions of the revolution, I ask protestors to sit-in in front of army headquarters till the achievement of Sudan's revolution", he said.

Ibn Auf is under US sanctions for links to atrocities in Darfur.

Clooney called al-Bashir "the leader of a violent, corrupt system" and noted that the face of the coup, Defence Minister Awad Mohammed Ibn Ouf, has also been sanctioned for war crimes in the Darfur region along with the ex-president.

His downfall followed months of unrest which began in December over Sudan's rising cost of living.

"The Sudanese people should determine who leads them and their future and the Sudanese people have been clear and are demanding a civilian-led transition", Palladino said. Later, it said it will not be part of the military transitional council, signalling cracks within al-Bashir former loyalists.

Thousands kept up their sit-in outside the military headquarters in Khartoum overnight and into Friday morning despite a curfew imposed by the army after it arrested al-Bashir.

He also backtracked on an announcement on Thursday that there would be a two-year military-led transition period before elections, saying the council would be dissolved as soon as a solution to the crisis had been found.

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What are the military offering the protesters?

"We believe that the victims of Darfur deserve justice and that accountability is essential for achieving a stable and lasting peace in Darfur", he said.

The statement came shortly after a press conference on Friday in Khartoum by the country's new military rulers.

"We are used to hearing government double-speak but we need to see if they're really interested in dialogue and listening to the voices of the people".

Since returning to Khartoum from self-imposed exile, Mahdi has allied his party with the grass-roots momentum driving the mass protests that preceded Thursday's coup. New demonstrations broke out Thursday afternoon in the capital, Khartoum. But he declined to provide more details or say where the president of 30 years is being held.

The SPA's call for civilian rule has been backed by other voices in the global community, with U.S. chief Antonio Guterres calling for a transition in accordance with the "democratic aspirations" of the Sudanese people and the European Union urging the army to implement a "swift" handover.

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that a two-year military council was "not the answer" and called for a "swift move to an inclusive, representative, civilian leadership".