Friday, 23 August, 2019

Extinction Rebellion climate change campaigners to ‘pause’ protests

Most of the activists were under 17 Most of the activists were under 17
Deanna Wagner | 22 April, 2019, 10:55

Greta Thunberg, the teenage activist who inspired the worldwide school strikes against global warming, joined the Extinction Rebellion climate change protest in London on Sunday.

London's Metropolitan Police force urged the group to reconsider, saying the airport action could "cause further disruption and misery to thousands of travelers, many of them families, over Easter."Protesters can expect a robust police response", said Assistant Commissioner Nick Ephgrave".

The group has called for non-violent civil disobedience to push the British government to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025 and to stop what it calls a global climate crisis.

Clarifying plans for next week in a statement on Sunday evening, the group said: "Earlier today, our political strategy team put out an internal message that said we were now moving into our second week of rebellion, where the focus will shift to our three key demands".

She added: "Being able to "pause" a rebellion shows that we are organised and a long-term political force to be reckoned with".

"This is very, very hard for us because my colleagues have never come across the situation that they are faced with at the moment".

"And before they press that blasted Brexit button again, we must ask them to think about something altogether more pressing: saving our planet".

The police reiterated that protests were only allowed to continue at Marble Arch, but have not said if or how they will clear the hundreds of demonstrators from other locations.

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Police in London have arrested more than 750 environmental activists protesting across the city in the past week in the lead up to Earth Day on April 22, Reuters reported.

The protesters have said they want to show they are "disciplined and cannot only start disruptive actions but can also end these when needed".

But they have warned their protests could intensify, depending on how much progress is made.

Mr Marsh said he was confident the protests would be over by tomorrow, claiming that the police "are on top of it" and had enough officers to deal with the situation.

Next week, they say, will be "focused on negotiations", organizer Farhana Yamin said, according to BBC.

As of Sunday, more than 800 people were arrested as protesters blocked off major areas of London, including Waterloo Bridge and Oxford Circus, for seven straight days.

In the blazing sunshine on Waterloo Bridge, police lifted protesters and carried them off to waiting for police vans.

"You must now let London return to business as usual".