Monday, 17 June, 2019

Jerrold Nadler wants to review Mueller report for 'very bad deeds'

Trump Questions Why 'Radical Left Democrats' Should See Mueller Report Giuliani: Going to See 'No Collusion' From Mueller Report
Deanna Wagner | 15 April, 2019, 19:03

But on the issue of whether Trump obstructed justice, Barr said the report neither exonerated or indicted the president.

Democrats have demanded Barr release the entire almost 400-page report and the underlying evidence that Mueller and Barr used to make their conclusions.

"Our goal is to respond as quick as we can; given the length of the report, it may take some time to respond", Sekulow said.

Attorney General Barr is likely going to release the "vast majority" of the Mueller report, including showing how it reached its "no collusion" conclusion and begging the question why was there an investigation "in the first place", according to President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

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"Nunes" move is an escalation by Trump's allies in Congress to pivot from Mueller's still-unreleased findings to the conduct of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department investigators who initiated the Russian Federation probe", Politico reports. Mr. Barr also said he believed the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign - but clarified the question is whether it was merited or not.

"We also need to see the report", said Nadler, "because it may be that Mueller decided not to prosecute for various reasons ... but there still may have been proof of some very bad deeds and very bad motives, and we need to see that, and the public needs to see that". But given what little Democrats have seen of Mueller's findings, they want more answers on exactly how the Justice Department came to that conclusion.

Hasen said he was hoping to learn how much cooperation there was between Russians and other foreign agents who hacked the Democratic National Committee, tried to crack into American voter registration databases or spread "dirt" on Hillary Clinton - which Donald Trump Jr. gleefully hoped to get from a Russian attorney in an infamous Trump Tower meeting. "Attorney General Barr will make the decision!"