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Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry thinks Anthony Davis 'got some bad advice'

Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry thinks Anthony Davis 'got some bad advice' Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry thinks Anthony Davis 'got some bad advice'
Cary Erickson | 13 April, 2019, 00:40

New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis said Magic Johnson's shock departure had not changed his view of the Los Angeles Lakers as he mulls his options for next season.

Davis told the franchise that he wanted to leave just days before the February trade deadline, and reportedly drew up a list of potential teams he wanted to be moved to. Obviously, this saga likely hurt both teams this season and now, neither will be making the postseason. Davis also said that if the Pelicans found trade offers unsuitable this season and still had him on the roster when next season began, he'd continue honouring his contract. I don't have ill will towards anybody.

But Davis didn't say that means he will rescind his trade request or re-sign with the Pelicans, nor is he sorry for the way things played out this season.

"So no, in 31 years I hadn't had anything that would equal this kind of fallout". But he knows that since longtime general manager Dell Demps was sacked back in February, any serious action will have to wait until the Pelicans hire a new GM.

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The six-time All-Star said he is eager to see whom the Pelicans hire as GM and to meet with that person.

"Not this toxic, no", said Gentry.

"I think he's a great kid", Gentry said. "Amazing time here. Love playing here". You never know what might happen later in your career. "What's going on with the Lakers - I got a lot of other stuff to worry about". "I know that it's a possibility that next year I could be here as well, so I can't be mad if I'm here next year".

"I haven't really sat back and thought about any of that yet", he continued.