Saturday, 24 August, 2019

Police use tear gas, arrest scores at Yellow Vest protest

The Heart of France Beats at Notre Dame,’ Historian Says Culture ‘The Heart of France Beats at Notre Dame,’ Historian Says By David Vives
Deanna Wagner | 21 April, 2019, 07:27

But violence and divisions have marred the movement.

Yet another group tried to demonstrate yellow vest mourning over the Notre Dame blaze while also keeping up the pressure on Macron.

Ingrid Levavasseur, one of the yellow vests' most recognizable public faces, said on her Facebook page.

"I was incredibly sad about Notre-Dame because it's such a attractive building", Mr Géant said in an interview with CNN.

Opposition politicians and protest leaders have also expressed their doubts about Macron's ambitious plan to completely rebuild the church in five years, and have scoffed at what they see as his attempts to use the tragedy to create national unity.

"I got a call from Andre Finot, the spokesman for Notre Dame, who said there were bees flying in and out of the hives, which means they are still alive!".

The iconic landmark's smallest residents survived the devastating fire that destroyed most of the 850-year-old Gothic roof and toppling its famous spire.

The Interior Ministry says there were 6,700 protesters in Paris and more than 10,000 around country.

Marion Sigut
French historian Marion Sigaut

Paul Harlow, of Kansas City, Missouri, looked sadly at the damaged Notre Dame, saying, "Paris is very hard right now".

Yellow vest holding a french flag in front of a fire during the demonstration.

He and his wife Susan were in Paris only for a few days and didn't make it in time to see the cathedral.

Mr Géant said the bees remained untouched by the fire. They were kept at Notre Dame in an effort to increase the number of bees in Paris. "There is a lot of injustice".

Top French art conservation officials said the works inside Notre-Dame suffered no major damage in the fire and the pieces have been removed from the building for their protection.

Despite the destruction of Notre Dame dominating the news in France, a new round of nationwide yellow vest protests was planned for Saturday. Over One Billion Euros has been raised by French businesses and ordinary worshippers towards the cost of renovating Notre Dame Cathedral, devastated by fire on Monday night. He's now expected to address the nation on Thursday.

In a joint statement Saturday, the Paris state hospitals body (AP-HP) and the regional health authority insisted the files were simply to ensure the most effective treatment of injured people.

The yellow vest cause started in November over a rise in fuel taxes and expanded to cover a broad list of economic complaints like high taxes and stagnant wages. The movement notably attracted extremists from the far right, and now increasingly from the far left, and those exhibiting anti-Semitic views.

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