Monday, 17 June, 2019

Sudan military rulers meet United States envoy in Khartoum

Mohamed At 14 2017 is sacked Khartoum's envoy to Washington Mohamed Ata
Deanna Wagner | 16 April, 2019, 14:28

The African Union (AU) on Monday threatened to suspend Sudan following last week's coup that saw Omar al-Bashir ousted by the military after almost three decades in power.

Earlier, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) protest group issued an urgent call for people to join the sit-in and block any attempt to disperse it. "We appeal to everyone to head to the area to protect your revolution and gains".

Protesters said they had joined hands and formed a ring around the sit-in area after troops had gathered on three sides and tractors were preparing to remove stone and metal barricades.

"If our demand for the formation of a civilian transitional council with military representation is not met, we will not be part of the executive authority, the cabinet, and we will continue the mass escalation and the sit-ins to fulfil our demands", Rabie told Reuters.

An immediate transfer of power to a transitional civilian government to govern for a four-year term, followed by elections.

Since then the head of the military council and of Sudan's powerful intelligence services have both been replaced, as protesters have continued to call for change.

Sudan's protest leaders piled pressure on the country's new military rulers on Monday to hand over power immediately to a civilian government.

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The United States, Britain and Norway said Sunday it was time for Sudan's military rulers and other parties to hold talks over the country's transition to civilian rule.

During the meeting, Daqlo briefed the USA envoy on developments in Sudan and the reasons behind the formation of the transitional military council, the council said in a statement.

"Remember, we are talking about a regime that has been deep-rooted in power for 30 years, so the SPA and other powers behind this protest know. that the top ranks of the military, those who have staged this coup, will not easily give up the power that the military used to have in Sudan", Vall said. They demanded the dissolution of Bashir's National Congress Party and said they received affirmation from the TMC that the party will not participate in a transitional government being negotiated.

The chief of the military council General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan has vowed to "uproot" Bashir's regime.

The protest outside the compound, which also includes the intelligence headquarters and the presidential residence, began on 6 April, after more than three months of protests triggered by a deepening economic crisis.

"The decision whether to extradite [Bashir] to ICC will be made by a popularly elected government and not the transitional military council", military council member Jalaluddin Sheikh told journalists during a visit to the Ethiopian capital. Previous attempts to break up the sit-in before al-Bashir's ouster last Thursday killed dozens of people.

Hemedti has also met with other Western diplomats, including the USA chargé d'affaires and Dutch ambassador to Sudan.