Monday, 22 July, 2019

The Battle for Trump's Taxes is Just Beginning

Mnuchin postpones decision on handing over Trump tax returns Illinois Senate votes to bar Donald Trump from 2020 ballot if tax returns aren't released
Deanna Wagner | 14 April, 2019, 03:43

Mnuchin, who has consulted with the White House and Department of Justice about Trump's tax returns, said earlier this week that Neal's request raised concerns about the scope of the committee's authority, privacy protections for us taxpayers and the legislative goal of lawmakers in seeking the documents. "The Committee's request raises serious issues concerning the constitutional scope of Congressional investigative authority, the legitimacy of the asserted legislative objective, and the constitutional rights of American citizens", Mnuchin said-as if the Trump administration really cares about the constitutional rights of American citizens not named Donald Trump.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he's being audited and can't publicize his tax returns, breaking with decades of traditions where candidates release their tax returns as they run for president.

The administration has already failed to comply with a 10 April deadline. And he said that concerns about what the committee might do with the information in the president's tax returns were "baseless".

Trump had told reporters before Mnuchin sent the letter that he "would love to give" the returns, but would not do so while he was under audit, a stand he long has taken.

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US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (left) and the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Richard Neal (right; both seen on Saturday before a Congress meeting about Trump's 2020 budget proposal), are at loggerheads over whether Trump should release his tax returns.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Illinois is one of 18 states nationwide considering legislation on Trump's tax returns, which also includes New York, Colorado and Washington. Mnuchin used similar language in a letter to Neal this week.

Congressional Republicans and Trump's personal attorney, William Consovoy, have argued Democrats' request risks weaponizing the IRS for partisan political gain, with Consovoy calling it a "gross abuse of power". "People expect the rule of law to work smoothly, but that" s not always the case". "If you fail to comply, your failure will be interpreted as a denial of my request". No federal statute bars individuals under audit from releasing their tax returns. He is visiting Midwest states Trump narrowly won and Sanders says "Together, we are going to make sure that does not happen again". The law says simply that the Treasury "shall furnish" such data when requested. Neal's request for the returns of a sitting president is unprecedented, and legal experts say its success or failure may depend on a court ruling about the committee's legislative objective for seeking the documents.