Monday, 22 July, 2019

The Division 2 Loot Exploit Brings Unlimited Loot and Specialization Points

A possible minigun specialist class in The Division 2 The Division 2's first free post-launch update, Tidal Basin, releases tomorrow
Cecil Davis | 07 April, 2019, 19:24

Battle for the name of the first post-launch content update for The Division 2 and Tidal Basin makes up the first of three waves within this particular pack. Today's update, officially dubbed "Invasion: Battle for D.C.", is just the beginning Ubisoft's robust post-launch content plans for The Division 2, introducing the last of the four Strongholds, World Tier 5 and more.

The Tidal Basin Stronghold is the most heavily defended and unsafe stronghold Division Agents have had to face. The loot exploit is found after the recent update that added Tidal Basin and much more.

It's worth noting that the new gear only drops in the new world tier, which means you'll need to beat the game, progress to World Tier 4, and get your gear score up to 425 before you can access this stuff.

The Invasion Apparel Event, live April 5-25, will allow agents to collect outfits inspired by the enemy factions, as well as new masks and weapon skins.

The groundwork is also being laid for the April 25 8-Player Raid - Operation Dark Hours. Titled Invasion: Battle for D.C., this update includes a host of new content, a brand-new stronghold and more. Completing these hard invasions will net players better loot and gear.

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Players can now enjoy two new exotic weapons, Pestilence and Nemesis as well as three new gear sets: True Patriot, Hardwired and Ongoing Directive.

Tomorrow's Tidal Basin Division 2 DLC update will also add a couple of new weapons to the game.

It certainly looks like there's a lot to be excited about with this and future updates coming to The Division 2. This update brings new challenges that are listed below.

Players can also return to the Base of Operations to find Coordinator Manny Ortega and the new intel he has on Black Tusk operations. It introduces the first ever eight-player raid and sets the groundwork for the epic fight for control over DC. In addition to all of the new gameplay experiences, there's the new Invasion Apparel Event. Developer Massive Entertainment says that they're coming soon, so we'll be sure to cover them once they're out in the open.