Tuesday, 25 June, 2019

USA enters 5G network race, jockeying for position with China

The FCC Plans Spend $20.4 Billion To Expand Broadband Internet to 4 Million Rural Americans Trump speech today: President Donald Trump speaks about 5G as White House urges companies to innovate — live updates [live stream]
Ginger Lawrence | 14 April, 2019, 18:29

"We want Americans to be the first to benefit from this digital revolution", he said.

US President Donald Trump said at the event that 5G is a priority for his administration.

These frequencies are advertised to offer speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G, but with limited range.

This afternoon President Trump and the FCC announced several initiatives to spur 5G network growth in the U.S.

President Trump shot down the idea of a nationalized 5G network at the White House event on Friday.

Pai said the FCC still needs to go through the notice and comment process on the proposal, but he wants the funding to be given to companies through a reverse auction. The auction is set for December 10, and will be the agency's third for 5G, said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who joined Trump for the announcement.

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President Trump also dismissed a former potential strategy, developed by a former National Security Council senior official, Rob Spalding, to get the government more involved in securing 5G throughout development.

Verizon Communications Inc, AT&T Corp, Sprint Corp and T Mobile US Inc are beginning to deploy 5G service in USA cities and are working to extend their networks as 5G-compatible phones slowly become available.

But the FCC unveiled a plan to provide 20.4 billion USA dollars in the coming decade to connect up to 4 million rural homes and small businesses to high-speed internet. The FTC has sued the American company over anti-competitive pricing, according to technology analyst Patrick Morehead. He also took the opportunity to discuss Huawei. The president boasted that by the end of the year, 92 markets in the US will support 5G compared to 48 in South Korea.

Amid concerns of Huawei's links to the Chinese government, the FCC is mulling rules to block Huawei from networks in the United States. South Korea-based Samsung is offering itself as a global alternative to Chinese equipment manufacturers, but it still lags Huawei and ZTE, as well as Sweden's Ericsson and Finland's Nokia.

On Friday, the United States FCC has announced that it will take a couple of measures to expedite the development of 5G in the US. The FCC is taking very bold action, bolder than theyve ever taken before, to make wireless spectrum available.

Lower frequencies, which are being licensed for 5G in several other countries, would need fewer cell sites, but that spectrum in the United States is held by satellite operators who are reluctant to give it up. Pai said that proposal is still pending.