Sunday, 20 October, 2019

Williamsburg Residents Divided on Vaccines, Despite Mayor's Health Emergency Declaration

A nurse prepares the measles mumps and rubella vaccine at the Rockland County Health Department recently NYC Declares Public Health Emergency over Measles Outbreak
Gustavo Carr | 14 April, 2019, 01:15

New York City's emergency action, which Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledged was "unusual" and driven by "the sheer extent of the crisis", has seen health officials intensify their fight in the Williamsburg and Borough Park neighborhoods, which have reported more than 285 measles cases since October, compared to two in all of 2017. Those who refuse to obey to get the Measles vaccine even during the outbreak will be handled one by one after consulting with the legal team.

Since October she has been fighting an uphill battle to quell one of the worst US measles outbreaks in 20 years. Some of those who've succumbed to the illness have been purposely infected with the disease, as parents in parts of New York City have been hosting "measles parties" to help spread the illness from those already infected to those who haven't been vaccinated. It's another significant milepost on the road to what will probably become a record outbreak after vaccines led to the disease's "elimination" in the United States.

As our partner in protecting the public's health, we need your assistance in educating parents and guardians about the dangers of measles and the benefits of vaccination.

The biggest issue has been measles, which is incredibly contagious and spreads easily to those who aren't vaccinated.

Anyone who visited the property outside that timeframe is not at risk from that particular exposure, health officials said. Presently, New York City is considered as the "epicentre of Measles" and this situation should be handled.

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Numerous parents hosting these parties have received misinformation about the safety of vaccinations, others claim that extreme religious beliefs drive their decision to not vaccinate their children. The news was good: Measles declined worldwide by almost 80 percent between 2000 and 2016, with fatalities - mostly among children younger than age 5 - plummeting to about 90,000 per year from about 550,000.

A CDC report states that the US had a notifiable measles outbreak in 1912, resulting in around 6,000 deaths every year, until scientists developed the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine in 1963.

"There are many more individuals who are living with chronic diseases, who are surviving cancer, and so we don't want children or adults to be unnecessarily exposed to measles" due to "measles parties". "When people choose not to be vaccinated, measles returns, and outbreaks occur". But there's no right to allow your child to infect others with a serious disease.

The city believes an estimated 1,800 children in Williamsburg were not immunized as of December. A volunteer at the city's measles hotline said people who called in were being encouraged to get inoculations and report on whether they know people who recently had or now have the measles.

Now, Hortez told The Washington Post last week, of the 15 counties with the most nonmedical vaccine exemptions, half are reporting measles cases.