Monday, 18 November, 2019

Additional funding for NASA’s Moon mission rejected

NASA will reveal plans for its ‘Lunar Gateway’ today and you can watch live					
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Sandy Nunez | 26 May, 2019, 19:12

NASA has picked space technology company Maxar Technologies Inc as the first contractor to help build its Gateway platform in lunar orbit, a crucial outpost for America's mission to relay astronauts to the moon in 2024, the USA agency said on Thursday.

In addition to these missions, which will be all NASA's efforts, there will be five launches carrying the building blocks of the lunar mini-station "Gateway" which will serve as a staging point for the Moon landing.

The mission, which is named after the Greek goddess of hunting, wilderness and the moon, will follow-on from Apollo - a six flight program that put 12 men on the moon 50 years ago.

The orbital station will initially consist of a simple power and propulsion element and a small habitat module.

Administrator Jim Bridenstine will be announcing the program's first commercial partner today (May 23) at 1 p.m. EDT (1700 GMT), according to NASA.

NASA doesn't require a specific design or precise elements for the next landing systems, leaving these specifications to the will of each company, saying that all they need is a vehicle which will take humans to the Moon and bring them back safely.

Artemis is the name of NASA's program to return astronauts to the moon by 2024, including the first woman.

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NASA has announced more details regarding its plans to send humans to the Moon's surface by the year 2024. In 2024, astronauts will stop there en route to the Moon.

Two individuals close to the space program and familiar with the situation said Sirangelo was escorted out of NASA's headquarters in Washington on Wednesday after his resignation.

To assemble Gateway, five building block launches using the Boeing-led Space Launch System (SLS) rocket - now under development - were planned, said the NASA chief.

In the coming months, NASA will have to decide on who will build the lander.

Contenders for the lander include Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Blue Origin, an offshoot of Amazon chief Jeff Bezos.

"We're not owning the hardware; we're buying the service, said Bridenstine, adding that time until 2024 was relatively short and that the ultimate goal was to reach Mars. 2024 is right around the corner".