Sunday, 15 September, 2019

Britain's Labor Party: No Chance of Brexit Ratification by July

Brexit disarray returns: talks about to fail as May's premiership fades Theresa May to confirm resignation date in June
Deanna Wagner | 21 May, 2019, 11:14

Another referendum on European Union membership is more likely if talks between Prime Minister Theresa May's government and the opposition Labour Party collapse, Reuters quoted an influential Labour lawmaker as saying, on Friday.

And with May set to announce within weeks that she plans to step down, Corbyn said the "increasing weakness and instability" of the government made striking a lasting agreement impossible.

She suggested that the option of indicative Commons votes to find out what MPs would be prepared to accept remained under consideration ahead of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) being brought to parliament for a showdown in the week beginning June 3.

On Corbyn's announcement, she said: "We have not been able to overcome the fact that there is not a common position in Labour about whether they want to deliver Brexit or hold a second referendum which could reverse it".

This means that when Parliament votes again on Brexit next month, the deal will effectively be the same as the one defeated by a historic margin in January and again in March.

"That poses the Labour Party a massive problem in the Midlands, the North, and south Wales".

May plans to make a fourth attempt to get lawmakers' backing for Brexit terms by putting a withdrawal agreement bill to a vote in early June.

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson threw his hat in the ring, joining the growing list of Conservatives who say they will contend to lead the party once UK PM Theresa May announces her exit date, according to media reports.

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Conservative MP Phillip Lee, who issued a public warning that no Tory leader campaigning on a No Deal platform could hope to govern without an election, said "if any leader tries to make No Deal official Conservative policy, then the Government does not last - it is going to lose a confidence vote".

The victor of the leadership contest will automatically become prime minister and will take control of the Brexit process, which has plunged Britain into its worst political crisis since World War Two.

Senior negotiators from the ruling Conservative Party and the opposition Labour Party had spent six tense weeks around the negotiating table in search of an elusive compromise deal that both parties could live with that would have outlined the United Kingdom's future relationship with the European Union, after the nation leaves the bloc.

Mr Farage said: "Would I trust Boris Johnson?".

That raises the prospect of a Conservative leadership battle producing a more Eurosceptic British leader who could move Britain towards a no-deal Brexit, the worst case scenario for sterling. Parliament returns from recess on June 4 so this is the earliest day the vote could be held.

Brexit is due by October 31 and will be a damaging "no deal" exit unless Parliament can settle on a plan - or if the country decides to cancel Brexit altogether.

The poll for The Times found that he is viewed as the leader most likely to triumph in a general election, with 70 per cent believing he would be victorious.

The UK was due to leave the European Union in March, but the political stalemate in Westminster have seen that delayed to 31 October.