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‘Dauntless’ Full Launch Coming May 21 to Epic Games Store, Consoles

Dauntless hands-on impression ‘Dauntless’ Full Launch Coming May 21 to Epic Games Store, Consoles
Cecil Davis | 15 May, 2019, 20:30

Phoenix Labs' free to play online co-op monster hunting game Dauntless has been in development for quite a while, having been announced well before Monster Hunter: World proved the wider mainstream appeal of the previously niche action RPG series and its imitators.

Dauntless' developers have had the game in beta on PC for some time via the PlayDauntless website. Here, you can earn additional experience, unlock achievement and reep new rewards. The game's campaign has also received a "massive rework".

Cross-Progression (known as Cross-Save in the PlayStation community) will be enabled across PS4, Xbox One, and PC on launch, but Cross-Play will be limited to Xbox One and PC for now. These courageous warriors fight for humanity's survival against ferocious beasts known as Behemoths, whose savage hunger to drain the very essence, or aether, from the world puts every life at risk.

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Additionally, a Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades will also be released alongside the game. Equipped with powerful armor and weapons, Slayers will join up with others and adventure across the Shattered Isles to battle Behemoths together. As a Slayer, it's up to you to hunt down the boss-sized Behemoths that are devouring the land. As with previous Hunt Pass seasons, Slayers can work through 50 levels of content across both the basic and Elite tracks, earning cosmetic rewards as well as premium currency along the way.

While you can play solo if you fancy it, Dauntless is tailored more towards cooperative gameplay.

As for PlayStation, the Epic Games published title created by Phoenix Labs will not support Cross-Play or Cross-Save as of right now. They are waiting for you: regular updates, seasonal events, new Behemoths and much more in a rich and ever-changing world.