Tuesday, 23 July, 2019

Mysterious Crossbow Deaths Shake Idyllic Hotel in Germany's Bavaria

Avellino Three people found dead in German hotel with crossbow bolts in their bodies
Deanna Wagner | 14 May, 2019, 16:10

By Saturday evening police announced that there was no further evidence at the guesthouse and it reopened for business.

The German daily Merkur reports that they had several arrows in their bodies: two had penetrated the man's head. Police said Monday they had found a third, unused crossbow inside a bag.

They were met with a freakish and horrifying scene - a 54-year-old man and two women, aged 30 and 33, dead with crossbow bolts through their mid-sections and two crossbows lying on the floor.

Employees found the bodies of a 53-year-old man and two women aged 30 and 33 in a room in a guest house alongside two crossbows. Investigators were still trying to determine the relationship between the three people whose bodies shot with crossbow bolts were found in Passau.

The other woman was lying on the floor with a bolt in her chest.

The man and the older woman were lying together in bed, while the younger woman was lying on the floor.

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The man and the older woman were from the Berod, in Rhineland-Palatinate, southwest Germany, while the younger woman was believed to live in the Wittingen flat were the latest two bodies have been found.

The hotel is on the banks of the Ilz river, on the edge of the Bavarian city of Passau near the Austrian border.

They were planning to stay there for three nights before they were found on Saturday at around midday.

Local press reports that none of the other guests heard any unusual noises overnight, though the storm and the fast-flowing river beside the guesthouse might have muffled any noise.

DPA reported that prosecutors have ordered an autopsy.

According to the German Shooting Sport and Archery Federation, there are no restrictions on anyone over the age of 18 acquiring a crossbow in Germany.