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Nepal rejects curbs after Everest death

Ghaziabad-Based Mountaineer Scales Mount Everest Nepal rejects curbs after Everest death
Deanna Wagner | 27 May, 2019, 22:37

The climb to the summit of Mount Everest in the Himalayas has always been a risky one, but the last week, embodied in one viral image, has been a particularly deadly stretch atop the world's highest mountain.

Robin Haynes Fisher, 44, died in the so-called "death zone" known for low levels of oxygen on descent from the summit, Mira Acharya, a tourism department official, said.

In one of his last social media posts he said he was forced to change his climbing plans to avoid the "fatal" crowds.

Two climbers have also died on the Tibetan side of the mountain.

Sherpa said Chinese and Indian climbers with little or no experience on mountaineering had flocked to Everest.

Mountain guide Adrian Ballinger told CNN hard weather conditions during this season led to overcrowding as summit attempts were restricted to a small number of days, and problems were exacerbated by a lack of experience among some climbing teams.

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About 130 others were tackling Everest from the mountain's northern side in Tibet. "Personally, I feel that it is not as much about the number of permits as what kind of climbers we are issuing the permits to". He says climbing Everest is inherently risky, making "tragic accidents" unavoidable.

He was taken to a hospital in Nepal where his condition improved. His two closest peers have climbed Everest 21 times each, but both of them have retired from mountain climbing.

At least seven climbers have died attempting the summit in less than two weeks.

Four Indians, an Australian, an American and a Nepalese have died or gone missing on the mountain, besides one climber each from Britain and Ireland. This could take the total past last year's record of 807 people reaching the summit.

Mount Everest (height 8,848 metres) is seen in the Everest region, some 140 kilometres northeast of Kathmandu, on May 27, 2019. "He was descending with his sherpa guides from the summit when he suddenly fainted". Due to the hard weather conditions, climbers attempt to scale the peak in the last two weeks of May, when weather windows occur two to three times. Sixty-four-year-old Ernst Landgraf died on Thursday, hours after fulfilling his dream of scaling Everest, according to his obituary and funeral announcement placed by his family.