Tuesday, 26 May, 2020

Trump 2020 Supporters CRASH Green New Deal Rally

Leaving the barn door open for de Blasio’s latest pay-to-play scam Enlarge Image David McGlynn
Deanna Wagner | 16 May, 2019, 11:57

While in most parts of the United States transportation is the source of most greenhouse gases, in New York City buildings are our main source of emissions. All premises larger than 25,000 feet - a total of 50,000 buildings - will be required to cut overall emissions 40 percent or face annual fines.

In April, New York City passed the Climate Mobilization Act, a package of 10 bills aimed at keeping the city compliant with carbon reduction goals outlined in the Paris accord. "This is the city that has suffered because of global warming and we are still vulnerable", said de Blasio, referencing the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy in 2012. This means the Trump Organization is on track to be hit with fines of $2.1 mllion every year from 2030, unless its buildings are made more environmentally friendly. We are showing that you can make real, progressive change on the ground here.

Eight of Trump's buildings in the city fail to meet the 2030 emissions standards, releasing about 27,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases each year, or the amount produced by 5,800 cars, de Blasio's office said.

A Monday rally at Trump Tower was supposed to be a big political statement by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is considering a presidential run, to put President Trump on notice over the city's 'Green New Deal, ' but it backfired on the mayor when Trump supporters heckled him at the press conference.

De Blasio, a Democrat who won a second term as mayor in 2017, has been openly mulling a presidential bid.

According to city officials, the president's eight largest NY properties pump out around 27,000 tons of planet-warming gases every year, the equivalent of 5,800 cars.

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US President Donald Trump's business empire will have to pay a heavy price for pollution caused by Trump-owned buildings in NY.

De Blasio, who had previously vowed to outlaw glass-and-steel skyscrapers, scheduled the conference at the Trump Tower, a glass-and-steel tower in New York City's Midtown. The building is on course to be fined $850,871 a year if no improvements are made to its energy efficiency. In New York City, we're perfectly tough.

"We will do what's necessary to combat the climate crisis".

The grinning de Blasio again told reporters he is still unsure whether he will run for president himself.

The bill requires large buildings to install new energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems as well as better insulated windows. "New York City is providing both with its Green New Deal".

The Trump Organization did not immediately respond when contacted by Newsweek.