Monday, 16 September, 2019

Trump Softens Escalating Iran War Rhetoric

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard speaks about the formation of the Congressional Servicewomen and Women Veterans Caucus on Capitol Hill in Washington U.S Iran dismisses possibility of conflict, says does not want war
Deanna Wagner | 21 May, 2019, 04:26

As military tensions between the US and Iran appeared to be gradually coolingdespite unsafe provocations from the White House, President Donald Trump-who said publicly last week that he hopes there is not another war in the Middle East-took to Twitter Sunday to threaten "the official end of Iran", a remark numerous critics condemned as "genocidal". He further went on to rip reporters for citing anonymous sources in the stories being peddled about his administration.

"If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran", he said in a tweet on Sunday.

The U.S. has ordered bombers and an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf over an unexplained threat they perceive from Iran, raising tensions a year after Trump pulled America out of Tehran's nuclear deal with world powers.

Also Friday, a State Department spokesman said Washington takes all alleged sanctions violations seriously and will take action as appropriate, responding to a question about a tanker unloading Iranian fuel oil at a Chinese port.

United States lawmakers clashed Monday over intelligence on Iran, with an ally of President Donald Trump accusing Tehran of provocations that could draw a military response, ahead of a classified briefing on the tensions.

Rep. Sean Moulton of MA, like Ms. Gabbard an Iraq war veteran, characterized the Trump administration's threats of military action against Iran as the result of Mr. Trump's inability to curb the aggressiveness among the more hawkish members of his inner circle.

Iran's foreign minister said on Saturday "there will be no war" with the USA, since "nobody in the region is suffering from a hallucination to think that he is able to confront Iran".

On Monday he dismissed Mr Trump's tweet, saying the president "hopes to achieve what Alexander [the Great], Genghis [Khan] & other aggressors failed to do".

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He tweeted after that he recorded the video " NOT to start a war, but to take responsibility for my actions & clear my name". She wrote later, "I'm working on not reacting out of anger & working through patience for what this right thing to do is".

"President Trump's saber-rattling about Iran has reached a unsafe new low with his threat to "end" Iran-a country of 83 million men, women, and children". In response, Iran's foreign minister called on the address Tehran with respect.

Commenting on Iran, he reiterated that he did not seek a war with Tehran, noting that the main thing he wanted was "not let Iran have nuclear weapons".

So now it appears the hawks are waging a full frontal assault to goad the president into war, as even a statement from Iran's foreign minister acknowledged earlier in the day.

President Trump, after appearing to dial down the tensions with Iran, has now seemingly threatened catastrophic consequences if there is any attack against USA interests or facilities.

Sunday's criticisms came amid reports that the US embassy in Baghdad was the target of a rocket attack.

Saudi Arabia "does not want a war, is not looking for it and will do everything to prevent it", he said. Trump says it's "fake news", but that he would "absolutely" be willing to send troops if necessary.

Neocon Paul Wolfowitz, one of the primary pushers of the war on Iraq, said back in 2003 that the Russians would not stop the U.S. He was correct then, but now?