Sunday, 15 September, 2019

A Huge Medical Data Breach Just Happened and You May Be Affected

Credits Thomas Jensen  via Unsplash Credits Thomas Jensen via Unsplash
Gustavo Carr | 08 June, 2019, 19:42

According to the AMCA, around 11.9 Million Quest patients were affected. AMCA has advised BioReference that AMCA is providing notice to state attorneys general and other state agencies as required by applicable state data breach laws.

"AMCA's affected system also included credit card or bank account information that was provided by the consumer to AMCA (for those who sought to pay their balance)", the filing with the u.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reads.

"In light of LabCorp's history of information security challenges, the company has both the knowledge and responsibility to heighten information security standards and processes to better protect the patients it serves", Menendez and Booker said. The lab clinic also said that it has not been able to verify the accuracy of information provided by AMCA.

Opko Health said its affected unit, BioReference Laboratories Inc, suspended collection requests to AMCA since October past year, and has asked the vendor to stop working on any pending collection requests involving the company's customers. She said, 'Upon receiving information from a security compliance firm that works with credit card companies of a possible security compromise, we conducted an internal review, and then took down our web payments page'.

The number of people affected by the recent data breach at American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA), a billing collection services provider, continues to increase.

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"Incidents such as with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp should act as a warning to every company - now more than ever, systems should be built secure by design, with a rigorous system of protection and prevention that is regularly tested in place".

This is not Quest's first brush with data security issues.

The security officials at Inmediata halted the website temporarily and contacted a digital forensic firm to investigate the incident. According to Beazley Breach Response, a breach response management and information security insurance solutions provider, the healthcare entities have reported the highest number of data breaches, at 41 percent.

In July 2018, just one month before the AMCA breach began, LabCorp's IT network was compromised, they said.