Wednesday, 03 June, 2020

British lawmakers reject opposition move to block no-deal Brexit

Anti-Brexit demonstrators are seen with European flags and placards protesting outside the Houses of Parliament against the UK leaving the European Union after Brexit was delayed until 31st October 2019 as Prime Minister Theresa May failed to get her Br British lawmakers reject opposition move to block no-deal Brexit
Ginger Lawrence | 14 June, 2019, 21:47

A motion seeking to prevent a no-deal Brexit under the future prime minister has been defeated in the House of Commons on Wednesday and has boosted Tory leadership contenders seeking a clean break from the EU.

Labour introduced the motion with cross-party support with the goal of avoiding a no-deal Brexit.

A BBC Question Time audience member received applause after arguing Mr Johnson should suspend Parliament if he becomes Tory leader to push through Brexit.

On a no-deal Brexit, Stride said: "I think what does unite perhaps the whole House is that a deal is better than having no-deal provided we can come together to secure that outcome".

If passed the motion would have would allowed MPs to take control of the House of Commons agenda - which is normally in the hands of the Government - on Tuesday 25 June.

Opposition MPs have lost a crucial vote on an attempt to block a future Conservative prime minister from pursuing a no-deal Brexit.

He said Labour would continue to work to find parliamentary mechanisms to ensure whoever succeeds Theresa May could not simply leave with no-deal in the autumn.

He said: "Business can have no absolute reassurance that an agreement will be reached, particularly given the commitment of some Conservative leadership candidates to leaving the European Union in October with or without a deal".

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Britain could be heading towards a constitutional crisis over Brexit as numerous candidates vying to succeed Theresa May are prepared to leave the European Union on October 31 without a deal but the United Kingdom parliament has indicated it will try to thwart such a scenario, concerned about the potential economic disruption.

Keir Starmer MP, Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary, said: "This is a disappointing, narrow defeat".

At leaked note from the United Kingdom cabinet shows that London is not ready for a no-deal by the end of October.

But all Tory leadership candidates need to know that we will not give up on the fight to stop a no deal Brexit.

"On that date I should have voted for a deal".

It comes a day after top United Kingdom business groups launched a stinging attack on politicians for talking up a no-deal Brexit, warning it is already causing job losses.

Johnson is considered one of the biggest frontrunners in the contest as he has many more endorsements from Tory MPs than any other candidate.

Sajid Javid, the last of the 10 candidates to launch his campaign ahead of Thursday's first round of voting, dismissed Mr Johnson as "yesterday's news", saying the party needed to show it had changed.