Sunday, 15 September, 2019

Dropbox’s new desktop app is a radical overhaul

Dropbox gets a makeover with updated desktop app, new Slack and Zoom integration Dropbox unveils a brand-new design and user experience for its desktop app
Ginger Lawrence | 12 June, 2019, 23:16

"For instance, the redesigned desktop app is all about collaboration; you'll be able to modify folders on a shared Dropbox account with to-do lists, a history on file activities, and "@mentions", so you can tell co-workers which files need attention.

In a statement, Dropbox Chief Executive Drew Houston said the new software was meant to let users work together on files without having to bounce between multiple windows.

Dropbox users can opt in to the new desktop app, and company software administrators can choose to have their teams included.

Files themselves are increasingly a relic of the past as more and more companies move onto cloud-based office productivity systems like Office 365 or G Suite. In the future, Dropbox hopes to incorporate even more apps and tools. Dropbox wants to simplify the messy experience by essentially getting more business tools and work-related notifications to function on the cloud storage service.

So, you can be working on a document or slide deck and share it over Slack or hit someone up over Zoom to collaborate. You can even view AutoCAD files inside a Dropbox file viewer, even if you don't have AutoCAD installed.

Backing up your phone data is "largely a solved problem", Houston said in an interview.

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There are three new integrations now, too.

And you no longer need to wonder what everyone has been up to.

Dropbox has offered a useful file-sync service for years, but it's got competition - Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud, all from tech giants that can build their services into the platforms they control.

The new client is now in public preview, and the company made it clear that it will still possible to use Dropbox the "old way", with the easy-to-understand Dropbox folder in Windows File Explorer. Powerpoint documents can be edited right inside a Google editor and all changes will be saved on Dropbox.

"And this is just the first step", the company says.