Sunday, 15 September, 2019

Israel PM thanks Modi for India's vote against Palestinian group

IDF forces in Nablus early Tuesday IDF forces in Nablus early Tuesday
Deanna Wagner | 13 June, 2019, 15:26

The vote, which took place on June 6 at the United Nations, saw countries such as US, France, Germany, India, Japan, UK, South Korea and Canada polling in favour of Israel, while China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and some others voted in favour of the Palestinian body.

"Shahed", according to Israeli foreign ministry sources, is a Palestinian organization based in Lebanon that claims to deal with human rights and humanitarian issues, "but in practice is an organization that Israel has declared a terrorist organization and in fact operates as an arm of the Hamas terror organization in Lebanon". The draft decision was supported by 28 countries, including India and 15 countries voted against and five abstained.

There was no official comment from India on the vote.

"Israel is seeking to create a state of security and political chaos with a view to creating an atmosphere to pass the US peace plan, known as "deal of the century" the ministry said in an announcement.

"The ambassador, the secretary and everyone who is involved in the Middle East peace plan, in this entire administration, is working towards a comprehensive and lasting peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians", she continued.

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A section of the US-Mexico border fence seen from Tijuana, in Baja California state, Mexico, on March 26, 2019. In January, the Trump administration began sending thousands of migrants back to Mexico to wait there instead.

Following the vote, a press release by Israel's Permanent Mission to the United Nations said the Palestinian organisation, registered in Lebanon under the name "Witness", ostensibly deals with the rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Shortly before Israel's election in April, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would annex portions of the West Bank if he were reelected and earlier this month the United States ambassador to Israel David Friedman told the New York Times that Israel had the right to do so.

That India voted with Israel when it sought reassessment of Shahed's application at Ecosoc was disclosed by the deputy chief of mission at the Israel embassy in New Delhi, Maya Kadosh, in a tweet: "Thank you #India for standing with @IsraelinUN and rejecting the request of terrorist organization "Shahed" to obtain the status of an observer in #UN".

"IDF combat jets attacked an underground terrorist network at a military compound of the Hamas terrorist organization in the southern Gaza Strip", the military confirmed on Twitter, reiterating that it will act decisively against any attempts to harm Israeli citizens. These recommendations, contained in one report for the January session and one report for the May session, are reviewed by ECOSOC in June and July respectively. In very rare cases, it does not.