Sunday, 08 December, 2019

Love Island viewers divided over Yewande and Danny

Michael and Amber on a date Love Island viewers divided over Yewande and Danny
Adrian Cunningham | 23 June, 2019, 15:37

Love Island 2019 welcomed a new girl this week in the form of 28-year-old model Arabella Chi.

It looks like Arabelle is not just causing problems for Yewande and Danny but has now stirred the pot between Amy and Curtis. "I'm truly upset that Arabella has lied to me about what she was doing and claiming she had a campaign but instead actioning going into Love Island [sic]".

"But I don't know whats worse really". Oh, and she's dated an ex-Islander too.

'Love Island' continues to be our guilty pleasure and tonight's episode is as juicy as ever. Am I right or am I wrong?'

The exchange started with Arabella saying she could "do with" Charlie joining her in bed, before sending him a video of her.

23-year-old dancer Curtis is now paired up with 26-year-old cabin crew manager Amy, and the Sussex gal was NOT happy with how much her "half-boyfriend" enjoyed it.

She says her ideal man would have to be able to take care of themselves.

Charlie went on to share texts between the two, where they bickered, but time stamped one of them, where Arabella says "I wanna see you baby" just nine days before she entered the Love Island villa.

Addressing the rumours that he may be heading into Casa Amor next week, Charlie said: "Do I look like I'm in Casa Amor?"

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Tommy and Michael are then seen calling out Danny on the matter, with Tommy accusing him of lying and betraying Yewande after she opened up to him.

Arabella's claim to fame is a movie she filmed with Jason Momoa who she says is her celebrity crush.

He went on to explain: "Let me just set the record straight".

Yewande responds: "I feel like if I am coupled up with someone and I want to sit on them then I can". "And he gave me a seven so that's not cool".

She's got heads turning all over the place and isn't afraid to crack on with who she wants to.

After storming off from a heated conversation with Arabella, Yewande told others in the villa: "I am f****** fuming".

Arabella thinks she'll get on really well with both Molly-Mae and Maura.

"Finding out that a person I'm seeing on a serious level has just strolled into the villa completely disregarding my feelings and our relationship or what we had".