Monday, 16 September, 2019

NASA plans to open Space Station to tourists

NASA to allow tourists on ISS in 2020 Tourists can holiday on the International Space Station - for $75 million
Sandy Nunez | 13 June, 2019, 15:56

NASA has announced to introduce space tourism by opening up International Space Station (ISS).

Private astronaut missions will cost roughly around $35,000 per night, according to BBC.

"We are announcing the ability for private astronauts to visit the Space Station on U.S. vehicles and for companies to engage in commercial profit-making activities on the station".

A round-trip ticket likely will cost an estimated $58 million.

Meanwhile, NASA's new administrator Jim Bridenstine is open about meeting with a lot of companies and speaking in terms of business.

Nasa's Jeff DeWit said the return trip would cost about NZ$75 million per person.

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For its own scientific missions, Nasa has already agreed deals with Elon Musk's SpaceX, which will use its Dragon capsule, and Boeing, which is building a spacecraft called the Starliner.

The first private astronauts could take off for the ISS as early as 2020, and NASA will be collecting proposals from private companies for other commercial partnerships over the next several months. These "private astronauts" will be transported by the two companies that are now developing vehicles for NASA: SpaceX, with the Crew Dragon capsule, and Boeing, which builds the Starliner. They will be shuttled to orbit by means of rockets operated by SpaceX and Boeing, and can stay in orbit for up to 30 days. This has something to do with the commercialization of the ISS, however, according to CNBC, none of the companies has expressed interest in 'taking over the ISS wholesale'.

Space tourists will have to shell out $58m for a ticket to the station, and then another $35k per night to stay there.

NASA states its long-term goal is to become one of many customers purchasing services from commercial services getting into low-orbit Earth.

In addition, it is not yet clear whether tourists in space are allowed to enter all modules of the "ISS" because there are facilities and facilities of Americans, Russians, Europeans, Japanese and Canadians. Right now, the plan is for only two approved private astronauts to visit the station each year. In 2018, Trump administration created a commotion after releasing a proposal to end federal financing of ISS by 2024 and to build commercial alternatives.