Sunday, 19 January, 2020

New Freddie Mercury: listen to a previously-unreleased 1985 track right now

Freddie Mercury in a previously unreleased music video Freddie Mercury in a previously unreleased music video"Time Waits For No One" filmed at London's Dominion Theatre
Adrian Cunningham | 22 June, 2019, 21:43

According to USA Today, Clarke made a decision to have Mercury record a stripped version of the ballad, with just piano accompaniments.

Clark, who led the Dave Clark Five band in the 1960s, worked with various singers for Time, the album. It used 48 tracks of backing vocals and set a record for Abbey Road at the time of 96 total tracks of instruments and vocals. The late Queen frontman and Dave were putting the track down on tape, when Freddie chose to record a version that was stripped down, using only piano and his vocals.

A previously unreleased track by Freddie Mercury was released today and its an incredibly emotional and moving listen for fans of the late musician.

The song was recorded in 1985, when Mercury traveled from his home in Germany to London's Abbey Road Studios.

Freddie Mercury died in 1991.

'It was fabulous - but I still felt there was something about the original rehearsal'.

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Reflecting on the original recording session, Clark says: "We got on great". Going straight to video, not the original 35mm film it was shot in, the song was released on May thof that year, and the original footage was consigned to the vaults.

He isolated Mercury's voice and the original keyboardist Mike Moran produced a new piano track to accompany Mercury's compelling voice. The track is set for release via Virgin EMI (Universal Music Group) on June 21st, along with a powerful and deeply moving new film video.

After decades of searching, Clark finally found the demo recording in 2017.

"Freddie would have loved it" Clark noted about the Bohemian Rhapsody biopsy.

A 1986 interview shows Clark and Mercury discussing the song, with Mercury saying he wanted to put his stamp on it. Mike told a story of the time he first heard it, and how he "fought hard" to include it in the movie.

Mercury then replies: "I said 'David, I have all their dresses, I can do it perfectly'".