Monday, 16 September, 2019

Nigerian Suspects In Canadian Girls Abduction Also Masterminded Kidnapping Of Indian Businessman

Ghana rescues kidnapped Canadian duo Ghana security forces rescue Canadian women hostages
Deanna Wagner | 12 June, 2019, 21:57

The suspects, who are yet to be identified, kidnapped Bailey Jordan Chitty, 20, and Lauren Patricia Catherine Tilley, 19, who were volunteering in Ghana.

The two students were in the country working as volunteers with an global charity when the armed men seized them in Kumasi, southern Ghana last Thursday, Ghana Police Service said.

In a display of swift efficiency, the two Canadian girls who were kidnapped last week in Ghana have been rescued after just over a week in the hands of their captors.

"Bailey and Lauren are receiving emotional and psychological support from professionals as they travel home", Youth Challenge International said in the news release.

Initial reports were that Canadian security experts had been brought into the country to help with the rescue operation but DGN Online sources say there was no Canadian security officials involvement in the rescue operation. He said the two Canadians have already been flown from the Ashanti Region to Ghana's national security headquarters in the capital of Accra. "It's the interrogation that will determine who the masterminds are".

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"We would like to thank the Government of Ghana for their cooperation in the resolution of this case", the statement said.

The spokesperson said they wouldn't disclose further information regarding the women's "harrowing experiences".

"Credible and actionable intelligence" led to the arrest of Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, police said in a statement posted on Twitter, without specifying which kidnappings he was allegedly linked to. The country has been considered one of the safest in the region for foreign travellers.

This was the second time in about a month that foreigners were targeted in the city of Kumasi.

Ghana's president, Nana Akufo-Addo, has vowed to crack down on kidnappers amid fears the abductions could harm tourism. An Indian national was also abducted and rescued. "So there are efforts on the part of the authorities to ensure that foreigners do not feel unsafe and are able to come here".