Monday, 16 September, 2019

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Nintendo Treehouse

Animal Crossing Direct News Great update for Nintendo fans ahead of E3 2019 reveals Animal Crossing Direct News Great update for Nintendo fans ahead of E3 2019 reveals
Cecil Davis | 12 June, 2019, 21:28

The preview explicitly called it the sequel to Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo revealed a whole lot of new details about Pokemon Sword and Shield last week, but we also learned some new tidbits about the games during the Treehouse livestream that directly followed Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct. Tongue-in-cheek action game No More Heroes 3, from Tokyo's Grasshopper Manufacture, was also announced for 2020.

While going hands-on with Pokemon Sword and Shield during E3 2019, we discovered two new Galar Region: an Electric corgi and a Dark/Fairy imp.

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Between that, we're still quietly hoping we'll see something wonderful from Animal Crossing too. Well, Aonuma says that while Breath of the Wild broke the traditional Zelda formula, he wanted people to come back to its roots with Link's Awakening. Cadence of Hyrule, a Zelda-flavoured musical action game based on indie hit Crypt of the NecroDancer, will be out on 13 June.

The teaser trailer had Link and Zelda journeying underground while the creepy soundtrack sounded like it was being played in reverse. No release date was given, but hopefully we'll hear more throughout the show.

Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct was already packed enough, but they made a decision to cram in one last surprise at the end of the show.