Monday, 16 September, 2019

Watch Dogs Legion officially announced - Release date, trailer, gameplay

WD3-boxart Watch Dogs: Legion launches March 6, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia
Adrian Cunningham | 12 June, 2019, 20:43

Nvidia wants to draw attention to something Ubisoft didn't emphasize, which is that Watch Dogs: Legion will support real-time ray tracing on RTX graphics cards. We're talking that bloke down the pub, the granny sitting on the bench, or the rowdy teenager give you the evils across the street. Interestingly, Legion will let players "recruit" and take control of any NPC in the game, and your character choice will actually affect how the game plays out. I mean, in one sequence, we see an elderly woman shoot some poor chap in the face with a magnum.

After the fantastic Watch Dogs 2, Watch Dogs Legion seems to be an entirely unique sequel that looks absolutely bonkers.

Watch Dogs Legion won't be launching for a while - its release date is March 6th, 2020 - but Ubisoft has already worked out the four different editions it'll be offering at launch. Note: This story is still being updated as more listings go live.

Pre-order now and get the Golden King pack, featuring a mask and golden skins for a pistol and vehicles! My Best Buy members will also get $10 reward credit when pre-ordering from Best Buy.

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The Gold Edition, including the base game, Season Pass (including the Not In Our Name story mission, available at launch), and three-day early access.

The Collector's Edition, exclusive to the Ubisoft Store, which includes everything in the Ultimate Edition as well as an LED Ded Coronet Mask Replica, a Steelbook case, three exclusive stickers, and a recto-verso propaganda poster, as well as instant access to an in-game version of the Ded Coronet mask.

Opt for the Ultimate edition, and you'll also receive the Ultimate Pack, which consists of the Urban Jungle Pack and 4-week VIP status.

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