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Woman - Interaction with Jay-Z led to threats

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Adrian Cunningham | 09 June, 2019, 17:56

Curran said she was asking Jay-Z and Beyonce if they wanted a drink, because the Warriors had invited them to the game.

Beyonce's publicist has requested the important particular person's fans to no longer "spew hate in her name" after they forced a girl off Instagram for a perceived small against the artist.

In her note on Instagram, Yvette Noel-Schure tried to handle things gently. "It was a place of joy, unimaginable entertainment from two of the best performers in the world, and a place of love", Curran wrote with an image of Bey-Z embracing one another on-stage. If somebody else, who's not as big, hugs Beyoncé, I don't know. - and JAY would have slapped me upside the head if I didn't, 'D*mn, n*gga, didn't you see B?

She continued, "Which is why I also want to speak here to the handsome BeyHiVE".

You'll notice that Yoncé looks just a smidge bored as Lacob talks across her to Jay-Z (how dare she).

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"There was no hostility", said Curran, who's hosted the couple several times in the past.

Nicole has now spoken out to explain her side of the story with ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne, explaining she had been "getting death threats on social media all night" and as a result, she's made a decision to deactivate her Instagram account.

In a post on Instagram she said: "I also want to speak here to the handsome BeyHiVE". "I've never experienced cyberbullying like this", she added. The woman as the hostess of the evening started a conversation with Jay-Z, leaning forward, sitting between them via Beyonce. She had to lean over because the stadium was really loud, that's all.

The comments from the post are one of support from the publicist's rich community of celebs and Beyonce fans.

Curran said there isn't any bad blood between her and Beyoncé, Fox News reports. Many were outraged on Bey's behalf that Curran had the audacity to speak to her husband, and unleashed venomous comments and GIFs telling the "Becky" to back off.