Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

'Worst is still to come': Sizzling Europe battles severe heatwave

Worst wildfire in 20 years rages in Catalonia as heatwave grips Europe 'The worst is still to come:' Heat wave sparks wildfires, health risks in Europe
Sandy Nunez | 28 June, 2019, 20:41

Residents gather to observe a forest fire raging near Maials, Spain, on Thursday.

Much of Europe is experiencing extreme heat.

A minimal of Forty five people acquire been evacuated and five roads acquire been closed.

"We're at a moment when the blaze is getting bigger", said regional interior minister Miquel Buch, according to DW.

A 17-year-old harvest worker has died from heat stroke in Spain, local authorities said, in the first known death related to the record heatwave now raging in Spain and large parts of Europe.

Hundreds of firefighters are combating wildfires in Spain's Catalonia region, as temperatures soared to 40C (104F) and above throughout aspects of Europe.

Neighbouring France has recorded its highest ever temperature for the month of June, at 41.9C, a spokeswoman for national weather service Meteo France said.

On Thursday, Buzyn complained that despite a barrage of public health warnings on radio, TV and on public transport, some parents were still leaving their children in hot cars and joggers seen exercising in the midday heat.

Gard is one of four southern regions to be positioned on red alert, the ideal crisis level.

The 72-year-old man was reported to have been homeless. Some faculties acquire delayed necessary exams and even closed.

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Temperatures were mountain climbing in most up-to-the-minute days.

Parts of Spain, Italy and Switzerland have also been placed on the highest red alerts following a day of record-breaking temperatures for June.

By mid-afternoon temperatures had reached 39C in Turin in Italy and 41C within the Spanish city of Zaragoza.

Even within the high-altitude Alps, temperatures topped 30C in areas.

As Germans attempted to cool off amid scorching temperatures, at least four people died in bathing accidents in different parts of the country on Wednesday.

Residents of the French city of Grenoble were unable to use two municipal swimming pools despite the record temperatures, due to a row sparked by use of the full-body Islamic burkini swimsuit.

While the United Kingdom will avoid the worst of the heat, parts of the country - including London - are expected to see temperatures top 30C on Saturday. Linking a single event to global warming is complicated.

A climatology institute in Potsdam, Germany, says Europe's five hottest summers since 1500 have all been in the 21st Century.

Scientists are concerned that quick warming linked to human exclaim of fossil fuel has excessive implications for the soundness of the planet's climate.