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Apple Kills Off the Last Non-Touchbar MacBook Pros, Discounts MacBook Air

Which Color iPad Air 2019 Should You Buy 4 Apple Kills Off the Last Non-Touchbar MacBook Pros, Discounts MacBook Air
Cecil Davis | 13 July, 2019, 16:57

Earlier this week, Apple updated the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models with new internals.

So when you hear that the battery inside this refreshed machine is bigger than the previous entry-level MacBook Pro, with a 58.2Wh capacity compared to 54.5Wh, you probably won't be surprised.

"The funeral" 12-inch MacBook upset many users, as it was the lightest and most compact laptop, for which he valued buyers. The program covers 12-inch MacBook 2015, 12-inch MacBook 2016, 12-inch MacBook 2017, 13-inch MacBook Air 2018, 13-inch MacBook Air 2019.

This update should make buying an Apple computer a little less confusing with a much more simplified structure on offer to consumers. The MacBook Air now has a "new material" keyboard.

The latest MacBook Pro comes with the new 8th generation Intel Core quad core processors and according to some benchmarks this new notebook gets a serious speed bump.

It should be noted that the more affordable variants of the 13-inch Pro laptops use the same chassis as other notebooks in the series, which means the thickness and weight are the same: 1.49 cm and 1.37 kg.

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Apple will also throw wireless headphones into a collection of BeatsStudio3 at no extra price.

To go along with its stunning screen, the new MacBook Air also has improved sound, with more bass and louder volume than previous models.

WHAT'S NOW MISSING?: Apple has now completely streamlined its MacBook range with the older MacBook Air now removed from sale.

Apple's back-to-school promotion is available tohigher education students, their parents, faculty, staff and home-schoolteachers through the Apple Education Store. That discount brings the 128GB version down to just $999 and the 256GB model down to $1,199.

Lastly, Apple chose to end its earlier 12-inch MacBook, a model first launched in 2015 that debuted the now contentious butterfly keyboard, moving Apple to USB-C, and the Apple logo without a glowing light.