Tuesday, 02 June, 2020

Cake Fail: Moana birthday cake request turns into marijuana cake

Kensli Davis marijuana-themed cake						Facebook Kensli Davis marijuana-themed cake Facebook
Deanna Wagner | 11 July, 2019, 10:54

The mother of 25-year-old Kensli Davis picked up the cake and brought it home, only to find a rather unexpected motif. "I guess when they said that I love cartoons, they were just like, 'Let's throw a little pony on there.' It had red eyes".

The hilarious goof up went viral after Kensli who works as a bartender at a Longhorn Steak House, posted pictures of the cake on Facebook.

'So my mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana (Because really I do),' she wrote in the post with a photo of the illicit cake.

Davis learned that the curious design was a miscommunication: Her mom had requested for the Polynesian Disney princess Moana, which was misheard as marijuana.

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Kensli's post has been shared 11,000 times - with social media users finding the mix-up as amusing as she did.

Apparently, the employee thought mom said 'marijuana.' Instead of Moana, the cake was decorated with a green, bloodshot-eyed, joint smoking, my-little-pony - complete with a marijuana leaf on its hip. Grandad Accidentally Offers Cannabis Cake to Nurses at Warrington Hospital, Gets Them High!

"I am crying", one woman wrote. She wrote: "That ice cream cake was still good though".

Davis said she and her family found the mix-up humorous.