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Celebrate World Emoji Day With 59 New Characters

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Cecil Davis | 18 July, 2019, 11:53

The new list brings more diversity to emojis in addition to some emojis that add to the popular categories - Food, Animals, Activities and Smiley Faces.

Cupertino, meanwhile, takes full credit for the introduction of more disability-themed emoji, claiming the inclusion of a guide dog, ear with hearing aid, prosthetic arm and leg, and wheelchairs are due to its proposal to the Unicode Consortium a year ago.

In the latest update to the emojis, the holding hand emoji that is primarily used to represent couples in a relationship will now allow users to select different combinations of skin tone and gender.

Apple are also releasing emoji inclusive of those with disabilities.

A new survey for World Emoji Day reveals that most of the top choices vary considerably between women and men.

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Apple and Google are rolling out dozens of new emoji that, as usual, included cute critters but also featured ones that expand the boundaries of inclusion.

And then there's the sloth, the flamingo, the skunk, the orangutan, as well as a new yawning emoji.

To celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17th, Google confirmed that at least 65 new emoji are now available in Android Q, and will roll out to users later this year. Did someone say falafel emoji?

"For example, the emoji for "police officer" is commonly displayed as male and the "person getting haircut" is female".

Different companies offer their own emoji, resulting in slightly different designs and, depending on platform, occasional confusion when one emoji looks substantially different on another platform. Of course, sending these new emojis will be limited to Android Q devices. "With this update, emoji with no gender specified will default to a gender-ambiguous design on Android".