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Galaxy Note 10 Wireless Charger May Support 20W Speeds

Galaxy Note 10 Wireless Charger May Support 20W Speeds Galaxy Note 10 Wireless Charger May Support 20W Speeds
Cecil Davis | 13 July, 2019, 10:57

South Korean tech giant Samsung is prepping a new wireless charger to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 10, Phone Arena reported on Monday. However, in reality, the Galaxy handsets can not withstand all kinds of water, as Samsung's itself cautions Galaxy S10 owners against using their phones in a beach or a pool on its website. And from what we have seen, it looks like Samsung isn't going to promote them as great camera smartphones, which is now a hot trend in the industry.

Samsung is widely expected to introduce two Galaxy Note 10 models this year - Galaxy Note 10e and Galaxy Note 10 Pro. And it's likely that there are some DeX improvements waiting for us. There is a good chance that the charger of the upcoming flagship device could sell well as a standalone accessory rather than as a bundled product with the flagship phone. This is quite similar to Microsoft's Continuum feature, which is now dead.

What is concrete at this moment is that the company will have an event on August 7 in NY, which is most likely an announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The video also shows how it can often be frustrating to deal with multiple devices to complete simple tasks. Accordingly, the entry-level version of the Galaxy Note 10 will be at starting price of between $1,100 and $1,200. Wireless charging may also be a special feature of the premium smartphone.

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With its larger display, included stylus, and increased memory and storage capability, the Note proved to be a fan-favorite, particularly among power users. Both the models are expected to share the same core specifications.

Apart from that, the device should sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or the Exynos equivalent. The mode would include some new advancements to bring an enhanced desktop-like experience through the new device.

In addition to this, previously leaked renders have revealed the camera setup of the Galaxy Note 10 series.