Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

Google begins open beta program for Messages application

Android Q will kill its default gesture navigation if you install a launcher like Nova Pixel Launcher set to pick up new notification pull-down gesture in Android Q Beta 5
Cecil Davis | 10 July, 2019, 20:09

Of course, you can get this feature working in smartphones using third-party launchers.

Although the beta 5 introduces new features to the gesture navigation, when a Redditor tried to use a third party launcher in the beta 5 build, he got a notification that said "System navigation updated".

The formal announcement of the new open beta testing program comes via a post by a Google employee to the Messages help community, together with a formal request that participants not "publicize or share the features you're testing until they're publicly available" - like anyone is going to adhere to that.

Reddit user u/Charizarlslie has shared some insights into the improvements to the navigation gestures that the next Android Q Beta brings.

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Now, this feature arrives at a time when there's news that gestures like these only work on system-installed launchers, like the Pixel Launcher or the default launchers in MIUI and OxygenOS. We've seen OnePlus and Huawei offering the corner swipe gesture for Google Assistant to complement the swipe navigation gestures on OxygenOS and EMUI, respectively, but neither OEM has been thoughtful enough to make them visible.

Unlike most third-party launchers, it doesn't wait until the gesture is complete to begin the pull-down animation, either.

There's a new Assistant gesture and a peek behavior for apps with a navigation drawer.

It'll also fix an issue that users were having in beta 4 when accessing the nav drawer. Like other Android beta programs, it's a simple opt-in process - you don't need a special invitation. So, Android enthusiasts should be ready to use either 2-button or 3-button navigation.