Monday, 13 July, 2020

'Justice for the dead' sought five years after MH17 crash

'Justice for the dead' sought five years after MH17 crash 'Justice for the dead' sought five years after MH17 crash
Deanna Wagner | 18 July, 2019, 14:42

"In London, we, the Ukrainians, honour the memory of the innocent victims of the downing of MH17 flight", the participants in the action said, an Ukrinform correspondent learnt from the Patriots of Ukraine Worldwide Movement.

A separate criminal investigation concluded that the missile system was trucked into Ukraine from Russian Federation.

The three others are Russian citizens Sergey Dubinskiy, identified as a former employee of Russia's military intelligence service; Oleg Pulatov, described as a former soldier in military intelligence; and Leonid Kharchenko, a Ukrainian citizen who led a combat unit in the Donetsk region.

The team said even if the four may not have personally launched the Buk missile that downed the plane, they were implicated in the preparations of the launch, making it sufficient to charge them.

"She's my twin sister, and when that happened I thought I'm losing a wing", she said.

It added that while Russian Federation was not permitted to take part in the investigation, it had worked with the Netherlands, the Dutch Safety Board and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) from the start, sharing all the information it had on the MH17 crash.

Almost 200 of the victims were Dutch; the others came from a variety of countries, including Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Britain and Belgium.

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Vitaliy Mayakov, an official with the SBU secret service, told a news conference on Wednesday that the man had been identified and arrested on the basis of video and phone evidence. He did say more than 150 people involved in transporting the missile launcher to and from Ukraine had been identified. The aircraft was on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur; there were citizens of several countires aboard, a lot of them were Dutch.

"We know it was a rocket, but we have yet to know who did it", Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said yesterday.

"Malaysia will continue to work with the other members of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and other grieving nations, as well as the worldwide community in informing the progress to the next of kin in searching for accountability and justice", the statement read.

The UK will continue to offer its support to the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and the Dutch National Prosecutor after their recent decision to charge four suspects with shooting down MH17 and the murder of the 298 people on board.

Patrick Sivagnanam said his family supports the findings as the worldwide team was the only group probing the case.

In Kuala Lumpur, there was to be a minute's silence at 1300 GMT with some Malaysian relatives of those in board.