Monday, 18 November, 2019

New Line Doing a Space Invaders Movie With Mortal Kombat’s Greg Russo

Mortal Kombat movie writer confirms it's R-Rated, will include Fatalities for first-time ever on the big screen Mortal Kombat movie is R-rated and features fatalities
Adrian Cunningham | 13 July, 2019, 16:42

The new Mortal Kombat movie is looking to change that perception: Fatalities are in, and so is a no-holds-barred R-Rating. It had been talked about elsewhere, but Russo confirms that not only will the Mortal Kombat movie be R-rated, it will also show those lovely Fatalities for the first time in an MK movie.

"Since it's already been stated by other members of the team, I'm gonna put this one to bed", Russo tweeted.

Because let's be real Mortal Kombat games are awesome fight games.

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Mortal Kombat movies and games draw inspiration from one-on-one fighting between players of a different combat style. It had more realistic action, gore, and fatalities. And you know what that means: fatalities on the big screen. However, screenwriter Greg Russo has now confirmed that this is not going to be the case and the film will become as bloody and violent as the famous game franchise. An allegedly incomplete Mortal Kombat cast list suggests he'll be joined by people playing Kano, Sonya Blade, Raiden, and a new character called Cole Turner.

When the original film was released in 1995, it was received fairly well.

The Mortal Kombat reboot is expected to be out in theaters in 2021, produced by James Wan and directed by Simon McQuoid. Taslim is known for his roles in The Raid: Redemption, The Night Comes For Us, and the Warrior TV series.