Monday, 18 November, 2019

Pence makes surprise visit to Chabad of Poway, Calif.

CBP Border Patrol agents from the Mc Allen station horse patrol unit on patrol on horseback in South Texas Border Patrol Agents Rescue Migrant Lost in West Texas 14 File
Deanna Wagner | 13 July, 2019, 16:43

When Vice President Mike Pence visited a migrant detention center here Friday, he saw almost 400 men crammed behind caged fences with not enough room for them all to lie down on the concrete ground.

Pence said afterward that what he saw was evidence of a "system that was overwhelmed". But the scene the vice-president witnessed is sure to spark new criticism of the conditions facing migrants in US government facilities.

There were no mats or pillows, according to Dawsey, and water was only accessible outside the cages, which Border Patrol agents said was made available to the detainees when the press was not there. Some of the men in there apparently said they'd been there "40 days or longer". "It's about [an] open borders agenda, resisting our president - more interest in that than securing our border", he said.

The press was removed from the room after 90 seconds.

After he toured the first facility, Pence described a much better situation than the one that has been relayed by Democrats and in news reports.

The men, who allegedly crossed the border illegally, were crammed into a space where there was not enough room for all of them to lie down on the concrete floor. "Agents were guarding the cages wearing face masks". He said President Donald Trump wanted him there with cameras to see for themselves how people were being treated.

After visiting the facility, Pence said at a news conference that he was not surprised by what he saw. Pence told reporters every family he spoke to there said they were being well cared for. He also said the longest any man had been there was 32 days.

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Republicans have responded to Democrats' criticism of the detention facility by saying they are unfairly maligning border agents who are doing their best under hard circumstances because of the surge of Central American migrants.

Pence earlier visited a two-month-old migrant processing facility in nearby Donna, a series of large white tents holding 800 people with capacity for 1,000.

Pence sought to deliver that message during his trip here, saying "I couldn't be more impressed" with the work being done by the Customs and Border Protection agents.

Pence said the rough conditions are why the administration recently requested and Congress approved $4.6 billion in aid for the border, and he accused Democrats of not supporting more funding for additional beds at facilities for migrants.

The Trump administration has also been under fire over conditions inside a Border Patrol station in Clint, Texas, where children were found in filthy conditions and keeping watch over younger kids amid the overcrowding.

"It's 2019, and we're still treating some people as less than human", said Pérez, a Democrat who was a critic of the child detention facility. Five immigrant children have died since late a year ago after being detained by the government.

Senior White House Correspondent Pamela Brown asked, "We went to two different facilities today, and there seemed to be a big difference between the first one, where the families were being housed, and the one here where there are single adult migrants".