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PM candidate Johnson - 'Very odd' to involve courts in Brexit decision

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson PM candidate Johnson - 'Very odd' to involve courts in Brexit decision
Adrian Cunningham | 10 July, 2019, 19:58

Earlier, Major vowed to go to court to block his party colleague Johnson from suspending parliament if he tried to use that measure to deliver a no-deal Brexit.

That could provoke a constitutional crisis in one of the world's oldest and most stable democracies because parliament is opposed to a disorderly exit, lacking a transition deal to ease the economic dislocation of leaving the bloc.

"If her first minister asks for that permission, it is nearly inconceivable that the Queen will do anything other than granted it".

"The whole of the diplomatic service will have seen that one of their most senior diplomats was prepared to be thrown to the wolves", Mr Major said on BBC Radio.

Member of parliament Boris Johnson, popular to win a Conservative head election and to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, has reiterated his refusal to rule out the suspension of parliament in order to deliver no-deal Brexit to ensure Britain leaves the European Union (EU) as scheduled on October 31, with or without Brexit deal.

"When that has happened in the past, when Parliament has been shut down against its will, we actually had a civil war", Mr Hunt said.

Mr Hunt issued a stark warning about the prospect of suspending Parliament.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who supports Mr Johnson, said he did not believe Parliament would be suspended because the leadership frontrunner had the "force of personality" to bring people together and reach a deal.

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Votes in parliament have indicated that a majority of lawmakers are against a no-deal Brexit because of concerns that it would cripple supply chains and damage trade.

But he refused to say whether he would keep Sir Kim in post, and instead he told the ITV debate: "It is vital that our civil service is not politicised by ministers leaking what they say".

Sir Kim's remarks were sent confidentially and Prime Minister Theresa May has defended the need for him to be frank.

"I seem to recall that the Brexiteers, led by Mr Johnson, actually campaigned in the referendum for the sovereignty of Parliament..."

Earlier, Mr Hunt accused the U.S. president of disrespecting the United Kingdom and Theresa May after Mr Trump's Twitter tirade about her "foolish" leadership.

"If you decide that Parliament is an inconvenience, when in fact it is the place where democratic legitimacy lies in our constitution and therefore it's acceptable to get rid of it for a period because it might otherwise prevent you from doing something which Parliament would prevent, then it's the end of democracy", Grieve yesterday said.

Sterling was trading near its lowest level for more than two years on Wednesday as better-than-expected readings on the economy did little to dispel growing fears of a no-deal Brexit.

"National leaders look first at the interests of the country - not first at the interests of themselves", he said.