Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

Respawn Working on Apex Legends Matchmaking System That’ll Group Cheaters Together

Image via Respawn Entertainment Image via Respawn Entertainment
Cecil Davis | 17 July, 2019, 16:31

However, even strict measures such as this haven't been able to fully stop Apex Legends cheating.

In the last hours, the flawless position was found in which to place the Caustic traps so that the opponents could not see them in time.

Following on from the interesting anti-cheating news from PUBG Corp yesterday, it seems that Apex Legends has it's own clever methods to thwart cheaters and general bad-eggs, by basically matching them up with themselves.

As an idea that's brilliant, and really we'd love to see a replay of an all-cheaters round of Apex Legends. It also asked players to be sure to report cheaters, and capture video proof if possible. "The war against cheaters will be ongoing and remains a high priority for us", Respawn adds. Blizzard won't punish the other players in the game for the abrupt end of the match, it will only punish the cheater. Developers are also looking into how people party with cheaters.

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Respawn Entertainment recently shared some data about what it has finally chose to do in Apex Legends to fight back the ever-rising issue of cheating.

Respawn's auto ban tech ensures that cheaters are sifted out into a separate area, with work continuing on adapting "to new cheats".

Of course, if any banned users feel like they have been wrongly accused, they can appeal the decision, but it does not mean that their account and actions won't be thoroughly checked. "We'd like to thank the players that have been getting involved with helping us squash cheaters over the last week whether it be submitting reports or assisting with the vetting process for suspicious behaviour". The second of two Apex Legends skins being offered to Twitch Prime subscribers-Dino Dynamo Bangalore-is now available, and a new patch is currently in the works and expected to go live next week.

The fight against cheaters is far from over as they continue to pop up and ruin matches.