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The Orion capsule for NASA's next moon landing is ready to rock

The Orion capsule for NASA's next moon landing is ready to rock The Orion capsule for NASA's next moon landing is ready to rock
Sandy Nunez | 22 July, 2019, 12:29

The Houston Astros will recognize the 50th anniversary of the first humans to land on the moon on Monday night when they wear special caps featuring the insignia of that historic Apollo 11 space mission during their game against the Oakland Athletics. Sometimes the choices are clearly about the space program ("Space Oddity"), other times the lyrics are more abstract and might be more about the romance of the moon rather than actual astronauts and space travel.

"If Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins are not heroes, then there are no heroes", Pence told a crowd of dozens of space industry executives and NASA staff in the Operations and Checkout building, the 58-foot-tall (18 meters) chamber that once housed the Apollo 11 command module for testing. A tribute to the lives lost in various space explorations from the past was also widely shared online.

"When we talk about this, we have to explain to a lot of the kids what the Soviet Union was", said Young, the manager of the Planetarium and Science Gallery at the Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg which is marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with a series of educational events.

US President Donald Trump on Friday indicated he was not interested in a mission going back to the moon, despite his administration's plans for it. Trump instead repeated his interest in a NASA mission that would take astronauts directly to Mars, a vastly more challenging and costly endeavor. "In 2004, the "Vision for Space Exploration" (VSE) was announced which had the goal of sending crews to "...the Moon, Mars and Beyond".

Earlier in the day, Vice President Mike Pence delivered a speech from Cape Canaveral, from where Armstrong, Aldrin and Michael Collins, the third crew member, took off.

During his interview with Aldrin, Pence expressed confidence that Trump would follow through with the program despite his stated frustration with NASA's decision to use the moon as a jumping-off point to get to Mars. "I still have vivid memories of seeing Neil Armstrong when he first stepped on the moon".

Unai Emery wants from three to five captains in the team
Instead, it appears the 33-year-old is set for a move away from the Emirates. Emery says he wants at least one of his five captains to be English.

"Artemis 1 will launch NASA's Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System (SLS) rocket around the Moon to test the system and pave the way for landing the first woman and the next man on the Moon in five years, as well as future missions to Mars", NASA press release reads. The combined spacecraft will now undergo testing at KSC before going to NASA's Plum Brook Facility in OH in September for thermal vacuum tests.

The programme includes an unmanned mission around the Moon in 2020 and a manned mission that will also orbit the Moon two years later.

50 years ago today, millions of us were transfixed by the sight of men on the moon.

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Per The Verge, the question was asked during a photo op held at the Oval Office.

Collins too is keen for crewed missions sooner rather than later, and has advocated for the United States to go "direct to Mars" rather than returning to the Moon first.