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Trump takes aim at Green New Deal while touting administration’s ‘environmental leadership’

Trump takes aim at Green New Deal while touting administration’s ‘environmental leadership’ Trump takes aim at Green New Deal while touting administration’s ‘environmental leadership’
Sandy Nunez | 10 July, 2019, 23:15

He felt that Trump's work in the White House has paid dividends with employment and supports his aggressive stance when it comes to dealing with Iran and China.

But climate change could be a key election issue and the number of Americans who say they have been affected by global warming is growing. "The progress we have made cleaning the air, protecting health, and cutting carbon emissions has happened in spite of him, not because of him".

President Trump touted his environmental record during a White House speech Monday - declaring that he'd proven it was possible to have both a strong economy and a clean environment.

"Punishing Americans is never the right way to produce a better environment or a better economy", he said.

"This president does care about the environment, and he's doing something about it".

"I asked around because I wasn't sure if it was a mass marketing thing", said the stay-at-home dad who lives in Kansas City, Missouri, declining to give his real name for fear of harassment against his family.

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Asked why the President made a decision to hold the remarks and whether the Democrats' Green New Deal would be brought up during remarks, Neumayr said it was discussed when Trump spoke to his advisers about his administration's environmental actions.

"It's absurd for President Trump to claim any environmental credentials when his administration continues to drive a destructive pro-polluter agenda at the expense of the American people", said Jill Tauber, vice president of litigation, climate and energy at Earthjustice, which has filed 120 lawsuits against the administration.

Mr Trump has vowed to pull the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, an worldwide accord to fight global warming through carbon emissions cuts and a transformation of the world economy away from fossil fuels.

In addition, Perry claimed Trump has, "a great story to tell", and should possibly speak about it more often.

"Today we have the cleanest air on record", said Andrew Wheeler, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and a former lobbyist for the country's largest privately-owned coal company. The visible toxic algae blooms and green slime plaguing Lake Erie and other waterways in recent years are visual evidence that the Trump administration's anti-environmental policies are moving the Midwest backwards not forwards. The US - along with nine other countries - is ranked no. 1 for cleanest drinking water in the world by the 2018 Environmental Performance Index produced by Yale and Columbia universities and the World Economic Forum.

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