Friday, 10 April, 2020

Apex Legends' new Solos mode sees players teaming up against others

Screengrab via Sethly Screengrab via Sethly
Cecil Davis | 18 August, 2019, 10:58

Apex's newest event "Iron Crown" dropped yesterday, and while players were at first ecstatic at the chance to try the new Solos Mode and get their hands on some sick new skins, the euphoria quickly turned to anger and frustration at the difficulty in acquiring the new skins. The game's subreddit is plastered with posts like, "Encountered a duo in solos today", and players leaving comments like, "Just went up against 4 guys".

But, clearly, the aggressive microtransactions are leaving a bad taste in the mouth of many players, who are now being given a strong reminder that the game is published by EA, who have received more than their share fair of criticism over in-game revenue systems in recent years.

Players may not be able to criticize Apex Legends for a lack of content now though, which is one positive, with the cosmetic loot pool continuing to expand, plus more frequent map changes. But playing and completing the challenges for the event will only earn a total of two Apex packs.

The packs for this event are now being sold for 700 Apex Coins, which is $7. "Open Iron Crown Collection Packs for a 50% shot at an Epic item and a 50% shot at a Legendary item from a set of 24 themed items". Many believe the game should have added more challenges and ways to earn packs. Like Apex Legends, these battle royales have also faced issues with teaming and have introduced report systems to flag offending players.

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The shop itself is meant to offer items that can be purchased with a new in-game currency called Crowns, which can be obtained via Iron Crown Collection Packs.

Although the event did bring on the anticipated Apex solo mode, the community is taking a stand against the events' monetization in hopes the developers won't repeat this mistake again in the future.

As disheartening as this may seem, this solo game mode is only available for a limited time. But a Respawn representative has said on reddit that the game mode is being placed in the game to see what kind of feedback they get.

Apex Legends launched back in February with just three-player squads. The battle royale video game continued with that game mode for around six months. It is now unknown if Respawn and EA are planning to bring the other options to the game such as four-player squads and duos, game modes that are common in other battle royale games. Have you purchased any packs? Have you unlocked the free packs?