Saturday, 14 December, 2019

Cathay Pacific shares tank as it caves into China demands

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Ginger Lawrence | 12 August, 2019, 15:40

The Hong Kong airport is one of the busiest in Asia and is a major connection hub for world travel.

The protests in Hong Kong, catalysed by a controversial extradition bill, have been ongoing for two months.

As the unrest show no signs of stopping, and as a response to their demands from the Hong Kong government stays wanting, protesters have increasingly turned to the global community for potential relief.

The UK too has faced increasing pressure to take greater action over the protests.

It said only those flights that have already completed the check-in process will move ahead.

Scantlebury and her brother, Julian, grew up in Hong Kong but study in the United Kingdom and Australia, respectively. Some protesters were seen walking toward the airport amid the stifling heat.

Demonstrators say they are fighting the erosion of the "one country, two systems" arrangement enshrining some autonomy for Hong Kong when China took it back from Britain in 1997.

"Otherwise we don't know how to tell our kids what is going on in society right now", he said.

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In Beijing, authorities slammed violent protesters who had thrown petrol bombs at police officers and linked them to "terrorism".

The young man, who said his name was Chow Ka-lok and asked for a lawyer, was shown with a bleeding head wound and said he had a broken tooth. One widely shared video shows an undercover policeman grinding a protester's face into the ground, blood pooling around the protester's jaws as he cries that his teeth are falling out. At one railway station, riot police fired tear gas into the enclosed space and were caught on film using batons to beat protesters as they tried to flee down an escalator to another station.

Protesters were also enraged at police apparently dressing in the black T-shirts worn by the pro-democracy movement to infiltrate the rallies and make surprise and violent arrests.

Despite this, she has made clear she will not grant the protesters' demands, which include a full withdrawal of the now-suspended extradition bill, direct election of the city's leader and an investigation into police violence.

Though the carrier doesn't disclose a breakdown of its mainland China business, flights originating from there and Hong Kong account for about half of the firm's revenue. But in recent years, some have accused the Communist Party-ruled central government of steadily chipping away at their freedoms.

Hong Kong police and protesters clashed in cat-and-mouse encounters across the city on Sunday, marking a shift in tactics during a tenth straight weekend of unrest in the former British colony where people are chafing at Chinese rule. A large crowd sat under umbrellas, which are both a protest symbol in Hong Kong and protection from the summer heat.

The focus on the airport comes as the city's protest movement enters its 11th week.

Elsewhere scuffles broke out between pro-Beijing residents and unidentified bystanders as well as media, with police intervening in some cases to pull people apart.