Wednesday, 19 February, 2020

Doctors find brown recluse in woman's ear

Woman finds brown recluse spider ear 4 Doctors find brown recluse in woman's ear
Deanna Wagner | 24 August, 2019, 04:54

A Missouri woman went to the doctor with what she thought was water in her ear, and left with a awful, eight-legged surprise diagnosis.

"The medical assistant came to check me out, and she's the one who noticed it", she said.

Luckily, Torres survived the encounter without any bites from the spider, which are also known as violin spiders due to their markings.

The Centre also suggests that if anyone is bitten by one of the spiders, they should go and see a medical professional for treatment as soon as possible.

Luckily, the doctors managed to pull the spider out from Torres's ear without aggravating it into biting her - and only then did they let Torres in on what was really crawling around in her ear.

Torres said, while she did not know exactly what was in her ear at that point, she did not panic.

Still, she's taking extra precautions when she lays down to sleep.

Torres says she was horrified to learn that she'd been walking around with the spider in her ear.

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Doctors told Torres that, despite however long it had been in her ear, the spider had not bitten her.

The medical staff used tools to get the spider out.

"I went and put some cotton balls in my ear last night, because I did not have any ear plugs", she told the news outlet.

Although most brown recluse spiders go unnoticed, their bite can bring chills, fever and discoloring to the infected area hours after the initial bite. However, since people generally don't feel the bites when they occur, they often go untreated, which can lead to more serious complications.

"Never thought that they would crawl in your ear or any part of your body" she said.

Brown recluse venom is not considered deadly. "I'm pretty terrified of spiders".

Nonetheless, it's not an insect you would want napping in your ear.